Controversy and disagreements along the way but 1928 ended with Kildare as the first winners of the Sam Maguire Cup

HE sense of anticipation around Kildare gaelic football circles in early 1928 must have approached fever pitch. The Lilywhites had clinched their third All-Ireland title the year before and would have all of that starting fifteen available for the season...

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Kildare GAA’s top goalscorers

GOALS win games they say and there is no better feeling for a player or supporter than the net bulging and the man in the white coat reaching emphatically for that green flag. And yet, while you would easily find...

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Despite a tendency to frustrate, Martin Lynch’s good days far outweighed his bad

SPORT is a game of opinions. For some maybe the opinions are the sport. Never more so than during these...

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Buckley deserves to be remembered among Kildare’s greats

In the days when we were allowed into pubs the debates would rage about the best Kildare players of our...

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Davy Dalton had football in his genes but it was his mentality that turned him into a Kildare GAA great

IT is fascinating tracing the family trees when you delve back into Gaelic Games history. Every club has its stalwart...

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Kildare’s hurling revival of the 60s

THE early to mid-1970’s saw Kildare hurling attain its highest national standing. We reached four League quarter-finals with Tipperary (’71,’73,’74...

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